Everyone at DEFGLIS events attends to have a good time, to socialise with new people and expand their professional network. DEFGLIS is a professional networking association first and foremost.

Not everyone will get along, but you should make every effort to be inclusive and help everyone have a good time – if you see someone hanging around alone, please introduce yourself and go and talk to them

All interactions must be safe, consensual and  considerate of others.

Excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to a number of problems including abuse, and behaviour that could embarrass yourself, others and DEFGLIS. Keep an eye on one another, and to ensure everyone enjoys themselves, stop your mates before they have consumed too much alcohol. If someone has consumed too much alcohol – stop, and look after them.

Photographs and videos shouldn't be taken without consent of everyone in them. What may seem funny to you may be much less funny on 60 minutes and can be very damaging to reputation. Pause and think before you snap and post. 

Predatory behaviour and unwanted advances are not appropriate and are prohibited. So don’t engage in such behaviour. If you experience such behaviour, just say “no – not interested,” or if more comfortable, then tell someone “yellow card” to let someone know that you’re becoming uncomfortable and say “red card” to let them know that they’ve  crossed a line. If you get carded, recognise what the person is trying to tell you -- take it seriously and adjust your behaviour. Please report such behaviour to the emergency contacts.

The Defence policy on Unacceptable Behaviour found in DI(G) PERS 35-3 applies because there is a ‘Defence Nexus’ to this activity. For civilian personnel who aren't subject to the policy, DEFGLIS expects you to:

  • behave in a manner that upholds DEFGLIS principles of inclusion, justice, integrity and community; 

  • challenge behaviour of others that does not meet this standard and advise an emergency contact if you observe such behaviour; 

  • monitor your own behaviours to minimise causing offence; and
  • you must not discriminate against, bully or harass any  other person.

The senior ranking officer participating at a DEFGLIS event may be required to exercise various responsibilities for Defence personnel attending the event as required by Defence policy.


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