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DEFGLIS relaunches for 2012

DEFGLIS, the Defence LGBTI Information Service is relaunching its website at www.defglis.com.au with a fresh new look and is also now on Twitter to improve support and communication to Defence personnel.

The relaunch of the website comes as part of a series of transformational reforms that the organization will undertake to provide improved services to its members and Defence in 2012. DEFGLIS plans to reform its leadership framework by replacing a single chairman with a board that is representative of the membership base and elected by its members.

The Chairman and original founder of DEFGLIS, Stuart O'Brien who is an avid supporter of reforms, said that he was encouraged by the push from the membership base to reform DEFGLIS and that members were taking a more active role in setting the agenda for the organization.

Many people within DEFGLIS felt that their job was done once anti-discriminatory policies were in place and benefits had been extended to same-sex partners, however several Defence incidents 2011 have caused DEFGLIS to review whether the organization is doing enough to support LGBTI personnel within Defence.

"On the whole, Defence is a great place to work if you're LGBTI, but we need to work harder on diversity initiatives that challenge people to consider the circumstances of others and look at whether their behaviour is adversely affecting others or the productivity of their team. DEFGLIS feels that there needs to be a level playing field across all of Defence ... not just in the majority of units and this will be a significant focus for the organization in 2012," O'Brien said.

Furthering the success of DEFGLIS on Facebook, the new website will integrate community news with social media including Facebook and Twitter.  Members who currently primarily use Facebook to receive information will still receive DEFGLIS information.

While the launch of the DEFGLIS on Facebook was an incredible success, communication via this means only reached a portion of the membership base.  Not all members of DEFGLIS are able to access Facebook ... the new website will allow those members to still receive important community information and participate in ongoing dialogue for important issues.

The new website will also feature a news page that will allow members to access the most up-to-date information as soon as it becomes available.  For members without access to the website, news articles will be compiled each month and e-mailed to the entire membership base.

These new features will allow members to reach out to their locality, or see what is happening in other localities effortlessly.  In the past, posting cycles and travel have created unmanageable overhead for local coordinators to manage.

The new capabilities available on the relaunched website and social media are better to support DEFGLIS members and Defence personnel.

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