Commemorating those who served in silence

DEFGLIS will place rainbow wreaths at cenotaphs across Australia this ANZAC Day, to remember those who served in silence alongside their brothers- and sisters-in-arms. At the first known attempt to commemorate LGBTI service men and women in 1982, members from the Gay...

Ten years serving with pride at Sydney Mardi Gras

DEFGLIS and Defence celebrated ten consecutive years of serving with pride at the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade. While members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) have marched in uniform only since 2013, they have marched with formal approval from Defence for...

Defence seeks talent from all parts of the Australian community

  Defence Force Recruiting and DEFGLIS will be at Fair Day in Sydney on Sunday 19 February to answer questions from LGBTI job-seekers about a future career in Defence. Fair Day is an important part of the Mardi Gras festival that celebrates...

Marching with pride in 2017

We are back again in 2017 to march with pride at this years Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras! For a number of years DEFGLIS has attended the Sydney Mardi Gras to display our support to an evolving culture within the...

Proud to Serve at the Military Pride Ball

It's back, and now it's a new annual tradition! Defence members, family and the community checked-in to our illustrious flagship event to celebrate LGBTI service on Saturday night.  Back for a second year, attendees grew to 280 from the Australian Defence Force and their...

Veterans Film Festival shines the light on LGBT veterans

The Veterans Film Festival will hold the Australian premiere of The Camouflage Closet, a documentary about trauma and recovery among nine LGBTI veterans. The film is a community-based project to bring awareness among medical providers, veterans, and the LGBTI communities, specifically...

The Basics

  • Sexual Orientation describes the physical, emotional or romantic attraction that a person feels for others. Feelings of attraction are the result of involuntary chemical responses in the brain that are beyond the control of an individual. Sexual orientation is most often defined in terms of the sex or sexes that a person is attracted to.
  • Gender Identity describes how a person internally perceives their gender, or a person’s sense of gender that formed as they mature. Gender identity can be congruent or incongruent with a person’s biological sex.
  • Intersex people are born with physical sex characteristics that don’t fit medical norms for female or male bodies. Biological Sex is usually assigned at birth based on a person’s biological and anatomical attributes. A person’s sex is normally determined based on their anatomy, genitalia, chromosomes and/or hormonal balance.
Information for families and partners of LGBTI service personnel
Information for veterans and veteran's partners
Information for supervisors and managers
"I am proud of the contributions that LGBTI people make to Defence and I am proud to be in an organisation that has a senior leadership so committed to inclusion and diversity."

Vice Admiral Ray Griggs, AO, CSC, RAN - Vice Chief of the Defence Force