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DLA Piper unredacted executive summary released

The unredacted executive summary of the DLA Piper report into allegations of sexual and other abuse in Defence was released yesterday under Freedom of Information processes.

The Review identified allegations from 775 people which fell within the Review’s Terms of Reference, the overwhelming majority of which are said to be plausible allegations of abuse.  A redacted version was released by Defence in March this year.

DEFGLIS expresses sympathy for the victims of alleged abuse suffered in the service, and notes that the Minister and Department are carefully considering the findings and recommendations of the DLA Piper report. DEFGLIS values fair treatment and inclusion for the diverse workforce in Defence, particular LGBTI personnel. We continue to work with the Department to ensure that serving members and their families are well supported. 

The Review has two phases:

Phase 1, which is complete: all allegations of sexual or other abuse and any related matters have been reviewed to make an initial assessment of whether the matters alleged have been appropriately managed and to recommend further action to the Minister. Phase 1 also considered systemic issues that will require further investigation in Phase 2.

Phase 2 will review Defence’s processes for responding to allegations of sexual or other forms of abuse and make appropriate recommendations about any systemic issues. Phase 2 will also oversight Defence’s implementation of the recommendations of Phase 1.

Defence members, APS employees and former staff can access the following resources if required:

ADF Members.  The All Hours Support Line - 1800 628 036 - is a confidential telephone service to asset ADF members and their families with accessing mental health services, such as psychology, medical, social work and chaplain services.  

APS Employees.  The Employee Assistance Program - 1300 361 008 - is a confidential and free service to assist APS employees and their immediate family members who may require con selling services.

Former ADF members and Defence APS employees.  Special arrangements have been made by Defence to extend the EAP service for immediate, initial counselling to former ADF members and former defence APS employees and their families who raise or have raised allegations affecting them with the external review team and who require counselling or assistance.

Source:  Minister for Defence – Release of the Executive Summary of Volume 1 of the DLA Piper Report: Allegations of sexual and other abuse in Defence

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