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A handbook designed to help members with gender dysphoria was recently released by the Australian Defence Force, and is now available online via DEFGLIS.

Gender Dysphoria describes the distress that a person suffers that is caused by a discrepancy between gender identity and a person’s sex at birth.

The fear and apprehension members currently experience when faced with revealing their true gender identity and having to commence transition will be greatly diminished through education and the dispelling of a large number of prevalent myths through the handbook.

The handbook is an important step in the provision of education and information in Defence, and should assist members who are questioning or considering transition, their commanders, and most importantly their fellow Air Force members in understanding gender identity.

DEFGLIS currently has four vacant positions on the interim board. We are very proud to have nine nominations for the positions and such talent to draw from within the organisation. View the biographies of James Bonello, Jordan Box, Mat De Wacht, Donna Harding, Catherine Humphries, Brandon King, Jen Macklin, Joe McCullagh, Luke Pitty, Greg Ramsay by clicking "Continue Reading".

This year, Defence along with many other organisations will mark the occasion of "Wear it Purple" Day.

Wear it Purple seeks to raise awareness about the issues faced by LGBTI young people and the need to eradicate bullying based on sexuality and gender diversity. Bullying, humiliation and isolation may bear similar results to depression: withdrawal, diminished self-worth and feelings of shame and hopelessness. 

DEFGLIS has been made aware of a shake-up at its US counterpart, Outserve-SLDN following a failure to 'right-size' the organisation after the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Among the changes will be the appointment of a new executive director and a working board without the large staff base the organisation inherited.

DEFGLIS will continue to maintain a strong relationship and dialogue with Outserve-SLDN and provide advice and support if requested.

Full Story by Ian McPhedran for News Limited Network

THE person behind the stirring speech delivered by Army Chief Lieutenant General David Morrison in the wake of shocking revelations about an army email sex ring was his transgender speechwriter, Lieutenant Colonel Cate McGregor.

Formerly Malcolm McGregor, Lieutenant Colonel McGregor is the highest ranking of six transgender people serving in the Australian Defence Force, as well as being a globally renowned cricket writer.

One of her strongest supporters is Lt General Morrison, who refused to accept her resignation when she went public and told him that she was causing embarrassment to his office.

Catch her exclusive interview today (5 July 13) with Jane Hutcheon on ABC's One Plus One Program, which airs on ABC1 at 1130h, ABC24 at 2030h or ABC iView. 

Read the full story here at news.com.au

Photo: Cate McGregor. Supplied by Cate McGregor

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