DEFGLIS Board Update: May 2020

DEFGLIS is providing advice on transgender and gender diverse policies, and seeking out opportunities for networking in the wake of COVID-19. This update provides a snapshot of the key outcomes from the May Board meeting.

The DEFGLIS Board met on 12 May 2020 to discuss ongoing issues which face our community and to ensure that the organisation remains on track. Here is the key outcomes from our meeting this month:

●        2020 DEFGLIS Events. The Board made the difficult decision to postpone the Ski Trip to 2021, yet remains optimistic for Pride Ball 2020. The National Events Director, Bonnie Doyle, is planning for an extravaganza in Sydney, all the while exploring the option of three intimate events in Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane. In the meantime, the Board will continue to look for opportunities to host virtual mixers and webinars.

●        Supporting transgender and gender diverse policy development. Our Transgender and Gender Diverse (TGD) Representative, Riley Bradford, submitted a précis on the administration and management of TGD members in Defence. To support the ongoing development of policies that support TGD people, the Board is developing a series of recommendations.

●        Changes to premium membership. The Board has agreed to changes to the DEFGLIS premium membership, which will see reduced ticket pricing and early registration for events. The new and improved premium membership will be finalised shortly and disseminated to our members.

●        DEFGLIS Communications team – Call for nominations. The Board is seeking to grow the Communications team of DEFGLIS. We are seeking talented volunteers for the following positions:

o        Communications Director. This non-executive director appointment will manage the media and news portfolio of DEFGLIS. As the director responsible for social-media, advertising and marketing of DEFGLIS news and events, you will lead a small team of passionate writers, communicators and designers.

o        Communications Coordinator. The coordinator of the communications portfolio. You will be responsible for publishing news on the DEFGLIS website, and pulling content together for monthly Newsletter dissemination.

o        Content Creators. DEFGLIS is seeking writers and content creators to regularly contribute to news and media, best for those seeking to volunteer but with irregular availability.

o         Contact if you would like more information or to see role descriptions.

If you’d like to know more about what we do as a Board or get in contact with suggestions on how we can better serve you, please email me at

Image courtesy of DEFGLIS