Frequently Asked Questions

Can you join Defence if you have diverse sexual orientation or gender identity?

Yes you can. Your individual needs, skills and circumstances are assessed by Defence in deciding whether to offer you employment. For further information visit ADF Careers.

[The] ADF desire[s] to reflect the community it serves. Diversity is a strength and asset for today’s employers, and Defence is no exception.

Department of Defence Spokesperson (2012)

Why does Defence provide treatment for gender dysphoria?
Defence provides the same medical treatment that is available via Medicare for people who are clinically diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

If a member of the ADF is diagnosed with or treated for gender dysphoria, Defence will fund the medical procedures or support as prescribed by the treating doctor.

Cosmetic or elective surgeries are not funded.

This occurs in the same way that this treatment or support would be available under Medicare for civilian members of the community.

Minister for Defence (2017) – Senator The Hon Marise Payne

Why does Defence participate in the Mardi Gras parade?

There is no doubt that the Mardi Gras started as a political event nearly four decades ago. We don’t deny it.

It was then social and political activism fighting for improved rights, recognition and acceptance for the Gay and Lesbian community.

But as society evolved, so did Mardi Gras, and from its political roots it has emerged to be a celebration of pride and self-expression.

More than that, it is now about inclusion and tolerance – that is why we participate; that is why each year our contingent includes members who identify as LGBTIQ+ and others who don’t, marching side-by-side to show support for their workmates.

Vice Chief of the Defence Force (2017) – Vice Admiral Raymond Griggs