Melbourne Shrine Defending with Pride Exhibition

by Rachel Cosgrove White, DEFGLIS President

DEFGLIS stands by the exhibition planned by the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance: Defending with Pride: Stories of LGBTQ+ Service. The exhibition can still achieve its intended purpose to commemorate brave heroes with diverse sexuality, sex and gender who have contributed to the defence and security of Australia.

In light of safety concerns to the hardworking and dedicated staff of the Shrine of Remembrance, we understand their decision to cancel the rainbow light show. As veterans, we condemn abuse directed at the Shrine’s staff.

We find it concerning that harmless symbols of inclusion such as rainbow colours – whether on national institutions or a rugby jersey have received unwarranted backlash – increasing stigma against LGBTQ+ Australians. These attacks are particularly harmful to young people and their mental health.

Defending with Pride is on at the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance 01 Aug 2022 – 01 July 2023

Image: Shrine of Remembrance