Nathan Howarth
Vice President
Service: Royal Australian Air Force Category: Officer Aviation - Operations Location: Sale, VIC

Nathan initially joined the Australian Defence Force as a soldier enlisting into the Army in October 2007, assigned to the Royal Australian Corps of Transport (Operator Movement). Nathan spent the next 13 years in the Army completing two operational tours of the Middle East Region, serving in units across the eastern and central lands of Australia and was lucky enough to conduct countless domestic and international exercises in his role over this time. After being promoted through the Junior enlisted ranks (finishing as a Corporal), Nathaniel was successfully appointed as a commissioned officer in the Air Force in February, 2020.

In March 2022 Nathan will be completing a graduate certificate in Aviation Operations, hoping to then lead into a Masters of Aviation Administration.

What has been your career highlight?

That is easy, I was appointed as the operator movement (my role at the time) in charge of a large international ceremonial activity in France. It was to be my honour (and nightmare at times) to coordinate over 180 people from across three services (and hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment) from across units all over Australia, to then get to France. Work in and across France conducting many ceremonial events representing the Australian Defence Force, and then get everyone and all their stuff back home to Australia. I was very proud of my operational tours, but this was the most humbling and trying thing I have ever done in my career to date.

What has been your highlight as a DEFGLIS member?

Marching in the first mardi-gras parade that DEFGLIS marched in as a formed body I think in 2008.

Why did you want to be a DEFGLIS Board member?

I have always strived to be a champion of our amazing LGBTQIA+ community, I want to make sure the voices of people who might not want to be a community representative still get heard. As a board member I want to be able to help DEFGLIS equally and fairly represent our community in the best way possible, which means I bring the best of my personal talents to the table to be used.

What do you love about DEFGLIS?

It brings together all parts of our whole community.

Nathan was appointed as the DEFGLIS Vice President in January 2023

If you have any ideas or questions for Nathan please contact them at